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The name Frank Designs is a bit of a homage to my dad. He was an Accountant but dreamed of being an Architect and expressed his passion for building and design by becoming a serial renovator. I think watching how much joy he got from making things of beauty that people could use and live in is what inspired me to do what I do.


He definitely passed on his fascination for Mid-Century Modern houses. He loved how perfectly they suited the landscape and weather. How they had an aesthetic life all of their own and were still great places to live in.  


I love working with families who want a home they’re proud of and a home they enjoy. A home that uses texture and colour in a playful way so it is fun to live in.

Currently I am based in NYC, working within Residential Design in the Tri-state region. If you are renovating or building and would like to work with us please get in touch.


Amelia Hesketh



Noun: The characteristic spirit of a culture, era or community.

We believe a home should reflect the personalities of everyone who lives in it. That means we get to know your family before we get to know the materials, space, architecture and budget we will be working with.


We design spaces that are easy for you to live in. Warm, comfortable and welcoming but always with an eye for the texture and colour that add beauty and joy to your day.


We offer a complete interior design and decorating service. The work we do for you may include any or all of the following:



  • New Build – working with architects to create beautiful internal spaces

  • Renovation – working directly with clients or working with architects to redesign interior spaces to meet your needs

  • Selection of materials and finishes, such as flooring, tiles, timbers, wallpapers, paint, tapware etc

  • Custom design kitchens and bathrooms including structural and cosmetic changes

  • Custom design of wardrobes and built-in joinery such as cabinets


  • Selection of furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories 

  • Selection of window treatments appropriate to interior and environmental factors

  • Design and management of bespoke upholstery and cushions

  • Interior or exterior colour consultation

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