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At Frank Designs, we design interiors for all sorts of homes for all sorts of people. Couples, singles, nuclear families and sprawling, mixed and moving families. But our special love is for Australia’s Mid-Century Modern homes. Here’s why.

Roots in the past

Mid-Century Modern homes started going up in Australian suburbs in the 1950s. They’re tuned in to the weather and landscapes, inviting the outside in with floor to ceiling glass. The use of uncluttered and sleek lines with both organic and geometric forms led to homes of striking visual appearance. They reflect architectural ideas bought back by Aussie servicemen who’d lived in America during the war.

Centred on people, not streets

One of their great features is that unlike older homes they’re designed for the shape of the land, the fall of the sun and the needs of the family – not slavishly pointed at the street. 

Making the beautiful better

What’s the challenge for any designer working with a Mid-Century Modern home? To make the beautiful even better.


It means capitalising on the brilliant crafted joinery and feature timbers that are the inbuilt jewellery of these homes. Making sure the home and the light flow seamlessly from inside to out.

Finally, it’s about ensuring the design ties the beauty built into the house with the personality of the people who live in it.

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